ESOGU Zoology Museum, which started its activities in 2005, has an important collection of biodeversity of anatolia, especially of eskişehir and its environs.  The collections brought together for the promotion of the biodiversity of Eskişehir and its surroundings are offered to the public at the Zoology Museum and it makes great contiribution to the developlment of nature consciousness.

In the museum where approximately 1200 samples are exhibited during the period, insects, shellfish, fish, reptiles, birds and many fish and mammalian skeletons are of great interest. Visitors from every age group visit the museum, visitors are informed about the animals exhibited.

By appointment on Sundays,
Every day except Monday

Entrance is free

Tel: 0.222 239 37 50

Adresses: Eskişehir Osmangazi University Meşelik Campus F4 Block.



Mineral samples are exhibited in Prof. Dr. Rifat Bozkurt Minerology Museum which started its activities in 2016 in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. In the museum more that 450 mineral samples from the mineral archive of Prof. Dr. M. Rifat Bozkurt were recorded, classified and exhibitted. Examples exhibited in the museum includes precious / semi-precious ornamental stones, industrial raw materials, ore minerals and rock-forming minerals and reflects the unique and rich geological structure of our country. In addition, mineral samples collected from various parts of the world by Prof. Dr. M. Rifat Bozkurt are also exhibited.

Tel: 0222 239 37 50 / 3401

Adresses: Eskisehir Osmangazi University Meşelik Campus Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

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30 mai 2023

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