Sport Facilities

Eskisehir Osmangazi University Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports serves with the sport facilities in order to ensure that University students and staff do sport in more organized and heathy environments.

Besides, interuniversity competitions organised by the University Sports Fedaration are carried out in our University. And also, sportive activities in Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Beach Handball, Football, Indoor Football, Beach Football, American Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Mountaineering, Arm Wrestling, Swimming, Badminton, Chess, Boxing, Rugby and Bridge are carried out in Eskisehir Osmangazi University. Students may apply to the Sport Services Branch Office at the beginning of each academic year to be a sportsman/player of University teams.  

Indoor Sports Hall

There is a sports hall at the Meselik Campus which has a 23x48 meter of first class taraflex floor and with a capacity of 1100 audience and whre international basketball, volleyball and handball matches can be held. In the multi-purpose sports hall, there is a fitness center, yoga and pilates saloon, boxing and aikido hal, music room, first aid and referee rooms, coach rooms and 7 locker rooms.  

Activities carried out in the sports hall:

  • Physical Education Cources of Faculty and Vocational Highschools
  • Basketball and Volleyball competitions organised within the scope of Spring Festivals
  • Spring Festivals and folk-dance trainings, demonstrations and competitions organised by University Sports Federation.
  • Basketball, Voleyball and Handball matches organized by University Sports Federation
  • Promotion of the University in the University Promotion Days
  • Trainings and matches of University teams
  • In addition, the hall is allocated to student clubs, public educational institution and for ptivate organization.  

Fitness Center

In Fitness Centre, covering 400 meter squre, there are 13 digital treadmills, 8 elliptical trainer, 3 horizontal bike, 2 vertical bike, 2 digital rows, and 24 fitness-line machines available. The Fitness Center offers services to students and personnel with expert fitness instructors for a certain price for six days a week from 08.00 to 21.45.

Yoga and Pilates Hall

There are two yoga and pilates hall with 90 m2 and 180 m2 area. It is suitable for 30 people in an air-conditioned environment. The yoga and pilates hall offers services to students and personnel of the University and people from the city with expert trainers for a certain price for five days a week within the programme.

Football Astro Pitches

There are two football astro pitches around the sports hall with 30x50 meters in size, with 4.5 cm of special synthetic grass, with a substructure and lightining system that can be played easily even in all weather conditions. Football Astor Pitches serves 7 days a week between the hours of 09.00-23.30. In these pitches, football competitions are organized between the Faculties/Vocational Schools every year within the scope of Spring Festivals.

Sand Football Pitch and Sand Volleyball Court

Near the outdoor football astro pitches there is a sand field with 18x32 meter in size that is available for sand football, sand handball and sand volleyball.

Tennis Court (Outdoor-Indoor)

There are 5 outdoor tennis courts with standard sizes and acrylic floor, and there is a training wall. Tennis courts are open between 08.00 and 22.00. In order to promote, popularize and teach tennis sports, courses are offered upon request.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

There are outdoor basketball courts in 500 m2 field in which 6 basketball hoops are available.

Climbing Tower

The climbing tower built in the east of the hall serves to our students.


Sport Facilities of Bademlic Campus

There are 1 sports hall, 1 open basketball field and 1 mini ground football pitch in Bademlik Campus. In door sports hall in Bademlik Campus is used mostly in the trainings of University and student clubs teams, and for the students of Faculty of Engineering and Achitecture to spend their leisure times with fitness, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.


ESOGU Stadium

The University Stadium consists of synthetic coating lanes and synthetic grass field.  It has a capacity of 3200 people. The stadium of which football field is 68x105 meter in size, has 8 lanes each with 122 cm width. There are night illumination and electronic scoreboard.  The total indoor area of the stadium, desiged for the host and guest team, is 9600 m2. There are 1 press conference room, 4 locker rooms for athletes, 2 referee rooms, 1 dopping control room, 2 training rooms, 4 coach rooms, 4 masseur rooms, 1 health room, 1 masjid, 6 foyer, 4 massage rooms, 16 showers and 14 offices.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool serves in Meselic Campus.  The indoor swimming pool, which is in our management since 31.05.2011, is half olumpic, has 6 lanes, and can accommodate 1500 people. Pool water is monitored for 24 hours in computer in order to provide a healthier and more sterile environment to our members.

One can benefit from our indoor swimming pool suitable for all ages with the 6-17 years old education group, adult education, rehabilitation child education and adult freestyle swimming.   Our members can use our swimming pool between 07:00 – 22:00 on weekdays except Monday and between 08:00 – 20:00 on weekends with our coaches and lifeguards.


  • ESOGU personnel (Spouse/child)
  • ESOGU retired personnel (Spouse /child up to 25 years old, not married)
  • Cleaning, security and service personnel working in the University, and Commercial Enterprise Staff (spouse / children)
  • Personnel defined by Rectorate and given eligibility (spouse / children)
  • Anadolu University Personnel (spouse / children)
  • Academic personnel who teaches at the University and administrative personnel working in the Credit Dormitories Institution


ESOGU and Anadolu University students.

Tel:0(222) 239 33 23 (direct line)

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